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Keep a True Lent

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore believed Lent marked a time for personal transformation. “Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment,” Fillmore wrote in Keep a True Lent, which was published posthumously in 1953. Click on the link and read the full article from the Unity website http://www.unity.org/archives/articles/keep-true-lent  

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Vision Workshop with Kathy Steevens

Good feedback from the Vision Workshop with Kathy Steevens. Thank you Kathy for sharing your wisdom with us and giving everyone a chance to create their own vision for their life. Thank you also to Julian, Joy, and all the volunteers!  

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The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Unity Leaders and Ministries

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Unity Leaders and Ministries was held 1st September, with our President Laurie McHugh representing our group very well.  The Unity National School also held its annual meeting, and we celebrate the dedication of the students and the success of the newly re-introduced intensive weeks of SEE. The...

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Jesse and Wylie and a New Licensed Teacher

We had a wonderful day with Jesse and Wylie at Unity Reflections on Sunday 28th August 2016, their service and workshop touched many hearts. The interactive class with Lesley French was great, and we sent Lesley back to Unity of Melbourne with our congratulations on earning the rank of Licensed Unity Teacher!

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SEE classes at Coolangatta

A wonderful week of SEE classes at Coolangatta recently, with participants from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and Auckland. The live-in intensive was a great opportunity for growing spiritual consciousness, which was helped by the prayer and music of Rev Jesse and Wylie, our USA visitors.

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July Events at Brisbane Unity

DISCUSSION CIRCLE Sunday 10th July 10.30am: “The Power of Intention”. Deepak Chopra’s daughter shares that her father started every day by asking the family, “What do you want?” Setting an intention for the day can make a big difference for what the day brings. Come and listen in or join in the discussion on intention,...

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May Events at Unity – Love, Joy and Co-Creating.

LOVE:  Unity Sunday Circle on Mothers’ Day, 10.30 am Sunday 8th  Dee Dimmick contemplates “Our Love Connection”, sharing how “After years of trying to create my personal spirituality, I finally discovered through Unity’s teachings the key to maintaining a consistent spiritual connection: keeping my heart open to learning to love myself!”  Come along and hear...

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Easter at Unity Brisbane + April Services

GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE March 25th 10.30am. This sacred Unity Service is a meditative hour letting the words of Jesus from the cross, as quoted in the various Gospels, take on a new meaning as we contemplate them metaphysically. Note: no refreshments after – leave quietly when you are ready to. EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE March 27th...

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Happy New Year – January Events

BURNING BOWL Letting go of 2015 and celebrating the start of 2016 is like starting not just a new page, but a new book, in our life story. Unity’s Burning Bowl Service is a powerful way of releasing the old and claiming the new, of letting go of the beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions that...

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Christmas/New Year Events

CANDLE-LIGHTING CEREMONY This Sunday night 7pm December 20th. This beautiful celebration of the Christ within us all, and the Spiritual Powers symbolized by the 12 disciples, is the highlight of the Unity year. Note 7pm start, candles are more magic at night! Light up your life this Christmas with deeper spiritual understanding as we light...

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