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Our History:

Unity Reflections of Truth Inc, affectionately known as Unity Brisbane, is a member ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries based in Missouri, USA. Locally we are part of the Australasian Association of Unity Leaders, covering Australia and New Zealand, and we also operate within the Unity Pacific Rim Region based in Hawaii.

Unity, founded in the USA in the 1880s, is part of the New Thought Movement based on the teachings of Jesus as applied to our lives today. Unity teaches a positive, practical Christianity effectively applied to daily life to promote health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind. All Unity ministries have a common foundation of five principles:

Unity Brisbane, established early this century, is a warm community which has operated under the spiritual leadership of Unity Minister Rhonda Murray since 2007. We meet at Bar Jai Community Centre, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield, Qld, where we hold Sunday Services at 10.30am on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, and a special event such as a workshop on fifth Sundays. A dedicated Board of Management is assisted by committed teams of volunteers to host our services and make newcomers welcome. Unity Minister Grace Merrick is a frequent guest speaker, and we encourage our future leaders to participate as speakers also.

Unity teaches that we are spiritual beings on a human journey, unique and sacred expressions of the divine, and each person is worthy. Unity emphasises the creative power of thought determining experience. We encourage the choice of life-affirming thoughts, words and actions, and releasing of any feelings or emotions that undermine our ability to do so. Knowing ourselves as expressions of Omnipresent Spirit, and aligning our thoughts and feelings with this awareness, results in a more fulfilling, joy-fill and abundant way of life.

Rev. Rhonda Murray, Our Minister


In 2014 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Rev Rhonda Murray’s ordination at Unity Village, Missouri, USA (June 1994). It was also the 7-year anniversary of Rhonda’s return after 4 years as Minister at Unity of Melbourne. Rhonda originally joined Unity in Bundaberg in 1979, and became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1989.

Rhonda has played a leading role in the establishment of the Association of Unity Leaders in Australia and New Zealand, now titled AULM – Association of Unity Leaders and Ministries. Rhonda is currently President, as well as a committee member for the A/NZ Unity National School.

Rhonda is also a trustee on the Unity Pacific Rim Region Board of Trustees, of which Australia and New Zealand are members.

Our Board of Management

This dedicated group of members meet regularly to take care of the business of ministry.

They are currently:

  • President: Laurie McHugh
  • Treasurer and Financial whizz: Lorraine McHugh
  • Secretary:  Joyce Boyle
  • Other Committee members: Heather-Anne Briker-Bell, Claire Welborn, Allan Hooper, Chantal Pages, Julian Harvey.

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 Our Volunteers

There would be no Unity Services without our dedicated band of volunteers, who come early to set up the room, manage the kitchen, do reception, I.T. Projector, library, etc. They also help with the pack-up, clear-up, clean-up afterwards. There would be no Unity activities without those who also put in long hours of work at home, especially Lorraine, Joyce and our library staff.


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